Forget Me Not (2015)

Forget Me Not (2015)

Alternate Titles: Wasurenai to chikatta boku ga ita, There Was Me Who Vowed Not To Forget Takashi Hayama (Nijiro Murakami) is a third year high school student. He falls in love with Azusa Oribe (Akari Hayami) at first sight and they begin to date. One day, Azusa tells Takashi "people who meet me, forget about me several hours later." Takashi doesn't believe Azusa, but by chance he realizes that he forgot about Azusa. So he won't forget Azusa, Takashi begins to leave a note for himself and Azusa. Based on the novel "Wasurenai to Chikatta Boku ga Ita" by Mizuho Hirayama (published February, 2006

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama

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